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Man suffered injury while building new milking parlour

28th September 2012

The man had only begun working at a milking firm in Derbyshire the previous day when the incident took place.

He was asked to help an engineer install a new milking parlour, but this involved lifting four 80kg steel beams to a height of around two metres. Unfortunately, the employees were not provided with suitable lifting equipment.

As a result, while the engineer was using a step ladder to fit one end of a beam into a bracket, he dropped it, causing the other side of the beam to also fall from its place landing on the new staff member.

The employee suffered a fractured skull and cuts in the accident at work and needed to take six weeks off work to recover from his injuries.

According to a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector the company “didn’t take any steps to reduce the risks through providing appropriate equipment and training”.

As a result the firm was fined £7,500 and ordered to pay court costs of £5,000.

Now that the milking firm has been found liable for the incident, the worker may now decide to make a claim for his suffering.

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