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Motoring offence survey news – Van drivers more likely to get convictions

08th October 2012

The insurance branch of AA looked at customer data and found that 15.5% of van drivers have had an endorsement put on their licence with in the last five years, compared with 7.4% of car drivers.

And it appears that the road safety message regarding the use of mobile phones has not yet reached as many van drivers as car drivers as 2.4% of van driver motoring convictions were for CU80 offences (involving the use of a mobile phone), while only 0.4% of car drivers had picked up a CU80 endorsement.

However, a further survey by the AA revealed that the number of drivers who actually get caught and convicted for using a mobile phone behind the wheel is proportionately low as 42% of drivers admit to this unsafe driving behaviour.

The AA said a conviction for a motoring offence will mean a driver’s car or van insurance may increase and they will also be likely to receive a fine as well as the requisite penalty points.

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