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Asbestos news – Man’s family may continue claim for mesothelioma compensation

12th October 2012

The man, who was suffering from mesothelioma, had been pursuing a claim for asbestos compensation at the time of his death.

The statement he had written in support of his claim said that he may have been exposed to hazardous asbestos fibres several times during his career.

As an apprentice bricklayer he believed that asbestos boards, asbestolux (a low-density asbestos fibre board), and other products containing the dangerous material, were used in close proximity to him.

Furthermore, his statement noted that in 1996, while tasked with demolishing the doorway of a pub, other men dressed in protective clothing and wearing breathing equipment threw material into the yard he was working in.

The coroner’s verdict was that the man died from an industrial disease. Compensation may yet be received by the family of the deceased should they choose to continue his claim.

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