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Injuries claim news – RoSPA funds the KISS in hospitals

19th October 2012

The Kiosk Injury Surveillance System (KISS), which can be found in the hospital’s casualty ward, collects information from patients regarding their injury.

The KISS is a touch-screen computer which allows people to answer questions from a picture-based national, standardised questionnaire. The questions have been developed by the College of Emergency Medicine to better understand injury ‘trends’ and find appropriate ways of reducing the types of accidents most commonly suffered.

Errol Taylor, the deputy chief executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) – which funded the data collection project – stated, “We need to reduce the amount of accidents and the more quality information we can get the better we can pitch our safety education campaigns.

“Prevention is far less expensive than treatment and this is a very cost effective way of sharing information. What we can’t afford is more and more NHS staff filling out forms.”

The machine costs £4000, and will also be installed in Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital and Cambridgeshire’s Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

After collecting 400 completed questionnaires from the Royal Berkshire Hospital, the project organisers plan on putting the KISS in hospitals all around the country.

Potentially, this machine will not only reduce the instances of individuals suffering personal injuries, but also lead to a decrease in the number of compensation claims made annually.

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