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Grandfather broke ankle falling from ha-ha wall

26th October 2012

The man had taken his five-year-old grandson to the event, which began at 8pm, when it was growing dark, and finished an hour later.

It was after 9pm, when the claimant and his grandson were making their way back to the car park to leave the grounds, that the incident took place.

Believing that they had set off in the wrong direction, after seeing a car’s headlights, the pair changed course and began to walk across what the man thought was a flat lawn.

Despite using a torch, the claimant fell down a ha-ha wall, breaking his ankle. A ha-ha wall is an abrupt step in a lawn which aims to prevent sheep from moving to the grass of a large estate, without spoiling the view from the building.

The man argues that the wall was not illuminated or signposted, but the Trust is denying responsibility stating that all the bat-watchers were given a safety briefing at the beginning of the evening. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the man deliberately jumped from the ha-ha wall.

The claimant hopes to receive £35,000 in compensation with the help of his injury solicitors.

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