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Air-gun operator receives compensation for repetitive strain injury

26th October 2012

She had been working at a Tyne and Wear vehicle seating manufacturers as an air-gun operator at the time – stapling fabric to foam.

It was after her managers had the work tables changed, increasing their height, that she began to suffer shoulder and elbow problems.

Due to her 5ft 2in height, she regularly had to lift her arm above her head to use the air-gun.

Although a company doctor advised that the tables be lowered, and many workers complained about their height, the employee stated that it was only when her repetitive strain injury had become so serious she was required to undergo an operation, that the tables were lowered – more than a year after the initial change.

The surgery she underwent resulted in her needing to take three months off work, and she still suffers pain due to the RSI.

It has been reported that she is due to receive £60,000 from the manufacturer in an out-of-court settlement.

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