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Former builder makes successful French holiday accident claim

14th November 2012

He had been walking across a road in Beuzeville, northern France, when a French motorist, who is reported not to have seen the pedestrian, struck him.

“I remember being hit, I remember flying through the air,” the claimant states. “It was a horrendous experience.”

The accident left him with severe injuries including a serious head injury, a fractured collarbone, cuts, and bruising.

He was taken to a French hospital for immediate medical treatment, but it was only upon his return to the UK that the extent of the damage he had sustained to his head was discovered.

He had been a semi-retired builder at the time of the incident, but now he has been forced to fully retire, is unable to drive, finds walking difficult, and occasionally suffers from confused speech.

Since the collision he has also been unable to undertake building jobs in his house and has been forced to hire someone else to perform the work instead. Furthermore, he used to enjoy tending to his garden, but has now had to employ someone else to look after it.

His holiday accident claim has led to him receiving an undisclosed six-figure sum for his pain, suffering, and lost earnings.

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