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Farmer died after being run over by his own tractor in tragic accident

16th November 2012

The farm accident took place when the deceased was preparing to use his tractor at Carr House Farm, in Wyke, Yorkshire.

The three-tonne machine had been used by the man for around 20 years, and had a mechanism which allowed its engine to be turned on from the exterior of the cab.

An inquest stated that after having been turned on from the outside, the vehicle jolted forwards due to having been left in gear, trapping the farmer under one of its wheels.

A witness to the incident stated that she saw the tractor move but could not see the farmer, at which point she felt something was wrong and went to investigate. Arriving at the tractor she saw the farmer was under a wheel of the vehicle but still conscious.

She managed to pull him out, and states that he had a cut on his jaw and that he was bleeding badly from a head injury.

He was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary, but sadly died later that day from damage to his heart which had been cause by crush injuries to his chest.

A police investigation found that the tractor was in good condition, and the coroner recorded a verdict of ‘accidental death’.

Due to their being no apparent liability attributable to a third party, it is unlikely that a compensation claim for this tragic farm accident will be possible.

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