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Man who suffered birth injury in 1992 compensated by West Midlands NHS

21st November 2012

The young man, who was delivered in Nuneaton Maternity Hospital and suffered acute oxygen starvation due to medical staffs’ failure to take action when faced with an emergency delivery, brought a claim against West Midlands NHS.

His personal injury lawyers state that his birth injury, which has resulted in him suffering cerebral palsy and quadriplegia, could have been averted had he been delivered just ten minutes sooner.

Reportedly, when he was finally delivered he was “grey, flopping, and not breathing”.

The 20-year-old successfully claimed £3.5million in compensation for his personal injuries, as well as annual tax-free payments of £165,000. When he reaches the age of 50, these annual payments will increase to £240,000.

This payout should help keep the young man financially secure for the rest of his life, and may perhaps go towards purchasing specialist medical equipment and care.

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