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Woman suffers no injuries in hit and run accident in Coventry

28th November 2012

The woman stated that she had just been out to book a doctor’s appointment and was returning home, when she saw a white vehicle approaching her too fast.

The car collided with her blue Citroen C3 and caused it to smash through a fence and into a hedge.

When her vehicle came to a standstill she was just metres from the wall of a semi-detached house, and there was a concrete bollard located near her car which she had thankfully also missed striking during the incident.

The driver of the white car did not stop at the scene of the accident.

Police closed off the road while a fire fighter crew set about cutting the hedge from around her vehicle. Emergency services were worried that the woman may have sustained a back injury, but when they finally removed her from her car via one of the back doors, she was seen to have escaped injury.

The woman is appealing to anyone who saw the hit and run accident, believes they know the other motorist involved, or has seen a white car with the letter ‘y’ in the registration plate and a dent in the front, to contact the police with information.

If the driver is not found, then the MIB may be able to compensate the lady for the damage her vehicle sustained in the crash. If she had suffered any personal injuries, the organisation may also have been able to provide her with remuneration for her pain and any lost earnings.

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