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Misdiagnosis of Wet AMD leads to elderly man making claim

29th November 2012

In 2008, the man had visited his optician complaining of suffering from distorted vision. The optician referred him to his GP, who then went on to arrange a consultation for him at Bury’s Fairfield Hospital.

The medical experts at the hospital advised him to undergo laser eye surgery, but this resulted in his vision becoming worse.

In fact, doctors had failed to diagnose the man with wet age-related macular degeneration (Wet AMD) – a common eye complaint amongst elderly individuals.

Receiving incorrect treatment, as well as delayed diagnosis, resulted in what had initially been a treatable condition, becoming untreatable.

The man states, “I now struggle with certain everyday tasks, such as cooking, gardening and maintenance of our home and it is devastating to know that my sight…would not have deteriorated so badly if the doctors at the hospital had treated me properly.”

The hospital admitted it was to blame for the elderly man’s vision problems, and apologised for the “below standard” treatment he had received.

The Trust agreed to pay the man clinical negligence compensation which will go towards helping him cope better with his weakened sight.

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