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Sir Paul says magazines offer false sense of glamour in marriage

30th November 2012

Sir Paul’s charity The Marriage Foundation, founded in 2011, has researched the longevity of celebrity weddings and finds that celebrity marriages are twice as likely to end in a trip to the divorce solicitor’s office than couples form everyday walks of life.

A study found that 20% of “ordinary” couples’ relationships end in divorce within 10 years, whereas 40% of celebrity marriages go to the divorce courts within a decade.

Talking about the wedding features which appear in magazines such as Hello!, Sir Paul said, “These are, after all, the role models upon which many, especially young people, fashion their lives. Aspiration for happiness built on celebrity lifestyle is, it seems, dangerously flawed.”

He added that there is “a disconnect” between the realities of long-term expectations of married life and that which is portrayed in magazines and fictionally on-screen, and advised that “all men and women, glamorous or not,” suffer from the same troubles which affect all couples once the glamour of an extravagant wedding is over.

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