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Former theatre company worker seeks compensation for back injury

13th December 2012

He had been in the employment of a Somerset theatre company when the incident took place in October 2009.

The claimant had been trying to move two speakers weighing 60kgs each from a goods lift. He was using a homemade trolley which had no handles in order to complete this task, when he felt a pain in his back.

Concerned by this back pain, he visited his GP where he was prescribed physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. Furthermore, he was given painkillers.

Despite these treatments, the pain continued to get worse in the following months. In January 2010 he was taken to hospital after being unable to lift himself from the floor.

He was diagnosed with compression of the spine and although he was operated on so that bone fragments could be removed from the problem area, he now requires the use of a wheelchair or Zimmer frame.

This has led to him being made redundant, since he is unable to walk or stand without aid. Sadly, he has also had to stop taking part in various hobbies and other activities he enjoyed prior to the incident.

He hopes to receive between £200,000 and £300,000 in back injury compensation from his former employers.

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