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Headway presents its Campaigner of the Year Award

18th December 2012

The woman, who is now 57 years old, was just 19 when she was involved in a serious road traffic accident as a passenger.

The collision knocked her unconscious, and she suffered several injuries in the crash such as a fractured skull and a broken neck, thigh, shoulder, collar and breast bone.

It was six weeks before she woke from her coma, and more than two months before she was able to leave the hospital.

However, despite the care she was given by hospital staff, as well as the physiotherapy she undertook following her accident, not much was known about brain damage in the 1970s and so this injury went undiagnosed.

She states, “There was no real concern about head injuries at that time, so they patched me up as best they could and I went home.”

It was not until 2007 after she had lived for decades with her brain injury, had married, and had four children, that she decided to see a medical professional. She had known for years that something was wrong, and sure enough she was finally diagnosed with brain damage.

At this point, Headway stepped in to support her, and she has been campaigning to help the charity ever since. Recently she was presented with the Headway Campaigner of the Year Award for all of her efforts.

“It’s nice to know that what I’ve done hasn’t gone unnoticed,” she says.

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