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Two companies fined for forklift truck work accident

19th December 2012

One of the companies had been contracted by the other to move disused machinery and equipment in the workplace.

A 66-year-old member of staff employed by the company undertaking the removal task was working alongside a forklift truck driver on a mezzanine floor when the incident took place.

The man was in the process of attaching a lifting sling to the forks of the truck when the driver began to raise them.

The driver was unaware that one of the forks had become caught under the top bar of a gate to the mezzanine, and the force at which the forks continued to raise was enough to break the bar and result in the forks springing up and striking the pedestrian worker on the forehead.

He sustained a double fracture to his skull, a fractured eye socket, as well as other facial fractures, and reportedly still suffers physical and psychological issues due to these injuries.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation found that the man’s employer had failed to conduct an appropriate risk assessment, correctly plan the work, or make sure that workers were trained. It was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £4,600.

The company for which the work was being undertaken had failed to ensure that competent individuals had been contracted to carry out the removal task. It was fined £13,000 and paid costs of £5,489.40.

Now that both companies have been found liable for the work accident, the injured employee may choose to claim head injury compensation.

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