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Claimant warns against dismissing whiplash claims

27th December 2012

The court heard that the claimant sustained an apparently minor neck injury in a 2008 car accident on the M27 which took place at very low speed.

His vehicle was rear-ended by another, and although the two exchanged insurance details, they then carried on their separate ways.

However, during the High Court whiplash claim it was detailed how 34 days following the accident, the 56-year-old suffered a stroke which was caused, it was heard, by damage to his artery and a subsequent blood clot.

“The impact threw me forward, but I didn’t think I was seriously injured. I woke one morning a few weeks later with my left side completely numb and my speech slurred.” recounted the claimant.

Furthermore, he said that he hoped his case would encourage people to think twice before stigmatizing those who make whiplash claims.

“It’s hard to hear people dismissing whiplash injuries because most are unaware of the serious health problems it can lead to. I would urge anyone who has the symptoms to be aware of the risks and not be afraid to get checked out,” he said.

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