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Dispute resolution lawyers make waves over Jobs’ unfinished yacht

02nd January 2013

Jobs and Starck had apparently discussed fee arrangements for work completed on the 78-metre luxury yacht, which lay dormant in the Port of Amsterdam since its launch in October 2012, but no formal contract was ever drawn up. This led to Mr Starck claiming he had not received full payment for his efforts in completing the $127-million craft.

It is reported that Starck was paid $7.91 million for his work, but he claimed Jobs had agreed to a fee of $11.86 million. Lawyers for the Jobs estate argued that the original payment was sufficient for the work completed and the yacht was impounded.

However, Mr Starck’s legal team and dispute resolution lawyers for the Jobs estate have now hopefully resolved the issue, and the yacht is due to be taken to the USA where Mr Jobs’ widow will take formal ownership of it.

Gerard Moussault, one of the Jobs’ heirs’ dispute resolution lawyers, said, “The Venus is no longer impounded; we have found a solution. A security deposit was paid into a bank account, but I cannot say for how much.”


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