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Hurtful clause upsets friends and family of deceased war journalist

14th January 2013

According to friends the journalist, who died whilst covering the siege of Homs in Syria in 2012, had been on fairly good terms with her former spouse, author Patrick Bishop, but the Will, which was drawn up in 2010, included the clause: “I wish to make it known that Patrick Bishop, my former spouse, is deliberately not named in my last will and testament. I do not wish him to inherit from it, and I make this clause expressly known should he attempt to contest it.”

Solicitors for Wills have confirmed that a spouse who has remarried is not eligible to contest a Will, but although he has said that the contents of the Will are a “complete mystery” to him Mr Bishop, who remarried in 2008 after splitting from Ms Colvin in the early 1990s, has said he had no intention of challenging the Will.

A friend of Ms Colvin commented that, perhaps, the journalist had been upset by something which had occurred between herself and Mr Bishop and wrote the Will in “fit of pique” which she may well have forgotten about consequently.

The un-named friend said, “It’s a shame, really, because few people were there for her as much as Patrick.”

According to probate records, Ms Colvin’s estate was valued at £1,140,470 after liabilities and the major portion of this was divided among her siblings and her niece and two nephews.

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