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Fatal personal injuries caused by Santa Maria nightclub fire

30th January 2013

It has been reported that about 1,000 people could have been in the club at the time of the incident – meaning that the premises would have been over its legal capacity.

As well as the club allegedly containing a greater number of individuals than was suitable for the space, survivors of the accident have stated that there was only one exit route from the club, which led to people trampling one another in an attempt to escape the building.

The fire began around 2:30am when a flare was thrown by a member of the band which was performing, and the sound-proof ceiling tiles caught alight.

Despite the fire starting out small, those who managed to escape the club have reported that it grew out of control very quickly.

More than 230 people sustained fatal personal injuries in the fire, and the city of Santa Maria has declared that the city has commenced 30 day of mourning.

One of the clubs owners has surrendered to the police for questioning.

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