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Lollipop lady suffered serious brain injury

22nd February 2013

She had been positioned to escort a lady with a pram across the road, when a 69-year-old motorist collided with her, causing her a serious brain injury.

The incident caused her brain to swell, leaving her confused. One of her daughters recalls that when she reached the hospital to see her mother after being told about the road traffic accident, “she was talking gibberish and didn’t realise who we were”.

Once the woman started to recover, she was transferred to a unit at Walkergate Park in Newcastle, which specialises in brain injuries, and spent around eleven months there.

In the last two years she has undergone many operations, but still suffers from cognitive problems, memory loss, and is easily disorientated. Furthermore, she requires regular care and support to improve her quality of life.

Whether the family brought a compensation claim against the liable driver has not been reported, however, if they did make a claim, they might have received remuneration to help pay medical bills, recoup lost earnings, and afford the aid of a professional care assistant.

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