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Family cannot claim asbestos compensation

08th March 2013

After the man was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, his family believed that his condition had been caused by inhaling asbestos fibres during his time employed in the docks.

Many former dock workers have suffered asbestos-related industrial diseases due to the lack of protection provided from the hazardous material – which was widely used throughout the 1950s to 90s.

However, an inquiry into the man’s death found that asbestos inhalation was unrelated to the cancerous tumour he had developed.

The coroner recorded a verdict of ‘death by natural causes’, which means that the family of the deceased will not be able to receive asbestos compensation from the man’s employers.

Anyone who has contracted an asbestos-related illness due to the negligence of their current or former employers, should contact a personal injury solicitor so see if they are able to claim compensation.

Remuneration could help improve the quality of the sufferer’s life, help pay for medical bills, recoup lost earnings, and provide a financially secure future for any dependants.

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