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Woman claims against holiday tour operator

15th March 2013

She was on a two-week-long holiday to Tenerife and had been helping her three-year-old son to the lavatories near the hotel swimming pool at the time of the incident.

While doing this, she slipped over on a patch of water and struck the back of her head on a cupboard door, which left her unconscious and in need of stitches.

Following the accident she suffered from headaches as well as dizziness and now has a permanently reduced sense of smell and taste.

After contacting a personal injury solicitor and making a holiday accident claim against her tour operator, she has now received £37,000 compensation.

This remuneration has helped pay for her care requirements and recoup lost earnings.

Anyone who sustains a non-fault personal injury due to the negligence of their tour operator while on holiday in the UK or abroad, may be eligible to claim for their pain and suffering.

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