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Woman likely to be disappointed with supermarket slip accident decision

28th March 2013

Personal injury solicitors representing the slip accident compensation claimant had attempted to prove that the incident was caused by a diesel spillage on the supermarket garage forecourt.

However, the claimant failed to secure the significant sum for the shattered knee she sustained while filling up her Mercedes. This comes despite the testimony of paramedics who attended the scene – one of whom said he remembered that conditions underfoot were “black and slippery” and nearly caused a colleague to fall.

The decision of the judge to ignore this testimony in favour of the three supermarket staff will probably be hard for the claimant to stomach. In giving his judgement on the slip accident compensation claim, the judge said that he accepted she might be “surprised” by his decision. He also said that it was reasonable to assume a different judge might have reached an entirely different verdict.

Furthermore, he refused the claimant permission to appeal the decision.


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