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Personal injury solicitor ensures settlement in head injury case

27th March 2013

The claimant, 33 at the time of the incident, had been jogging to catch up with friends when he lost his balance and fell, tripping on a three-inch deep and 15-inch wide cavity.

The effects of the fall have been far-reaching for the Australian charity worker. He has undergone brain surgery, suffers from epilepsy, has spent many hours on rehabilitation, and has separated from his long-term partner. His personal injury solicitor branded the accident as “truly shocking” and said it was the most extreme example of a London pothole accident she had ever encountered.

“[My client] has fought hard to recover a good quality of life following such a terrible accident. [His] life has been turned upside down primarily due to the failure to maintain the road surface by Homes for Haringey; such simple steps could have been taken.”

Following negotiations with the claimant’s personal injury solicitor, the defendant in the case agreed to settle out-of-court for an undisclosed sum – believed to be 75.5% of the claim’s maximum value.


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