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Building development could be threatened by neighbour dispute

02nd April 2013

Currently, the pair own several garages in that part of London, but want to instead construct a building of “unlimited height” in the area. However, neighbours have taken legal action against the mother and daughter, stating that the development could prevent them from fully enjoying sunlight.

Reportedly, if the construction project goes ahead, the owners of the property which adjoins the development could be prevented from experiencing the full benefits of sunlight in the mornings – something which has reportedly been enjoyed by occupants for almost 200 years.

The solicitor representing the individuals making the neighbour dispute claim is trying to persuade the High Court to rule that the development “would infringe the right to the access of light” to the occupants of the affected property.

If the neighbour dispute case is successful, the mother and daughter could be prevented from building their structure within the Knightsbridge area – or may be asked to reduce its proposed height.

The pair have reportedly not yet commented on the matter.


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