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Workers suffered burns in a gas explosion

05th April 2013

The two men had been tasked with undertaking a routine inspection of a gas tank in Stancombe Quarry near Bristol in June 2010.

To render the tank safe for inspection, the men were to make sure that any residual gas had been removed from the tank. To do this they used a pipe which led to a slops tank at the back of a converted lorry. A pressure relief valve was supposed to allow gas to escape without putting the workers at risk.

However, they had not been correctly trained in the use of the valve system, and as a result gas built up at the back of the vehicle, causing an explosion.

Both men suffered burns in the work accident. One of the men was taken to hospital with 22% burns to his face, chest, and hands. The other sustained more minor burns but still needed urgent treatment.

The gas company was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £75,878. Now that the firm has been found liable for the incident, the two men may decide to contact personal injury solicitors to claim compensation.


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