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Jockey Ryan Mania suffered equestrian accident

08th April 2013

After such success just the day before, those in the industry, and the spectators, were shocked when the horse Mania was riding less than 24 hours after his Aintree race, Stagecoach Jasper, fell.

This caused the jockey to fall to the ground while travelling at speed, where he was kicked between the shoulder blades by another horse.

After being treated on site for about 25 minutes, he was airlifted to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle. Reportedly, the jockey was conscious when the medical team placed him on a spinal board to move him off the track via helicopter.

Although at first his neck and back injuries were thought to be severe, he was later described as being in a stable condition.

Despite requiring strong painkillers, he is apparently able to move all of his limbs, so it would appear that his spine has escaped serious damage in the horse riding accident.

Due to undergo an MRI scan this morning, it is hoped that Mania will be able to return home later.



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