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Unrealistic spinal injury cure hope

26th April 2013

When 10-year-old Dachshund Jasper regained movement in his back legs in November last year, following stem cell treatments, this may have made individuals suffering from paralysis feel that a cure for their life-changing injuries was just around the corner.

However, the professor believes that these types of reports might stop back injury patients from coming to terms with their injuries.

He states, “When people have a new spinal cord injury, they’re trying to find out what the situation will mean to them. The fundamental thing that we do in rehabilitation is to communicate a sense that this injury is manageable, and that the individual has the skills to overcome some of the limitations imposed by the condition. This work implies an assumption of acceptance of the reality of what’s happened.”

Professor Paul Kennedy explains that a canine’s nervous system is quite different from that of a human, and that although the study demonstrates the potential to do more for spinal injury sufferers, there is still plenty of work to be done and helping patients deal with their injuries will be the first port of call, rather than being able to find an outright cure.


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