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Fatal Dewsbury road accident

03rd May 2013

The fatal accident, which took place last Friday in Dewsbury West Yorkshire, occurred on a steep hill.

A 46-year-old woman and two young girls, ages five and ten, had been walking across the road when a Ford Transit van collided with them. The incident left the woman dead, and the two girls injured – the ten-year-old seriously.

Investigations found that the van was not being driven, and had in fact been parked and left stationary by its owner.

The van driver states that he clearly remembers putting on the handbrake before exiting the vehicle. He has been left shaken by the events.

Police are investigating whether a problem with the vehicle’s handbrake may have caused the accident.

If the driver is found to be at fault, the family of the deceased, and of the two young girls, may choose to claim compensation against him. Alternatively, if police find that a mechanical fault was to blame, the manufacturers of the van, or the garage which last serviced the vehicle, could be held responsible.

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