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Inheritance woman who continued to claim benefits is jailed

13th May 2013

The 48-year-old, from Ilkeston, originally alleged that the £28,000 had been bequeathed to her children, but failed to provide evidence in the form of a Last Will and Testament document.

An investigation finally uncovered the Will, which showed clearly that the money had been left to the woman.

An order was made for full recovery of benefits over-payments and costs – £11,300 in Housing and Council Tax benefit, £10,749 to the DWP and £1,000 court costs. The woman was also handed the custodial sentence.

Solicitors for Wills and the Citizens Advice Bureaux can advise inheritance beneficiaries on the effect a bequest might have on their financial situation, especially regarding state benefits, so as to avoid a situation where a claimant might end up breaking the law if they do not inform the correct agencies.


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