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High vis bibs for horse riders cause complaints

17th May 2013

This piece of safety clothing, which has been available for purchase since 2010, has recently been withdrawn from sale due to concerns raised by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

The organisation wrote to the British Horse Society (BHS) stating that the bibs could be mistaken for those worn my mounted officers, and therefore riders wearing them could be breaking the law.

As well as being fluorescent yellow, some of the bibs also had blue and silver checked bands on them, reminiscent of a police officer’s uniform.

The withdrawal of this safety clothing has caused complaints, especially since the BHS conducted research which showed the clothing resulted in drivers reacting to the presence of horses being ridden on the road an extra three seconds sooner.

However, some motorists have complained that riders were impersonating police officers on purpose.

Thankfully, any rider who would like to make themselves more visible to other road users, to reduce their risk of being involved in an equistarian accident, can still find a wide range of different safety clothing online and in specialist horse riding shops across the country.


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