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Bulldozer used to make a point in boundary dispute

20th May 2013

The Calgary Herald reports that 51-year-old Barry Swegle demolished two houses, broke down an electricity pole, and flattened a pick-up truck during a rampage which caused power cuts for 20 miles.

Residents of Port Angeles, a small coastal town northwest of Seattle, reputed that a long-term neighbour dispute between Swegle and home owner Dan Davis was the root of the destructive onslaught. The property line disagreement finally caused Swegle to snap and go on a wrecking spree in his bright orange TD-25 “skidder”, a heavy duty logging vehicle.

Fortunately, no-one was injured in the attack on the homes, but one property was pushed cleanly off its foundations into a neighbouring plot.

Police said that Mr Swegle was being held on charges of suspected “malicious mischief in the first degree”. No instructions for bail had been granted.

There are no reports as to whether either party to the dispute had instructed lawyers to help mediate in the disagreement.


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