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Lambton family feud over shares of £12m inheritance

28th May 2013

When he died at the age of 84, Lord Lambton’s Will stated that, under the ancient British tradition of primogeniture, his entire estate would be left to his first born son Edward, seventh Earl of Durham, effectively leaving nothing to his five daughters.

Now, three of his daughters, Lady Lucinda Lambton, Lady Beatrix Neville and Lady Anne Lambton have claimed that as their father lived in Italy for 30 years before his death, the inheritance should be distributed under Italian law where all children get equal shares.

Wills lawyers for Lord Durham said that Lord Lambton had already provided for his other children before his death six years ago and clearly wished everything left at his death to go to his only son.

Solicitors for the sisters say that the most recent writ issued by the Earl, attempting to prevent the use of Italian law for the settlement of the estate, means that any chance of reaching an amicable settlement has now dissipated.


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