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Prosthetics and expressing individuality

31st May 2013

Inspired by one of his friends, who is an amputee and chooses to use a wheelchair rather than an artificial limb, the student decided to create a prosthetic which would appeal to young people.

Currently the options amputees have when choosing a prosthetic is limited. The undergraduate’s design enables the simple internal components of an artificial limb to have different casings attached using aluminium brackets.

Without the need to bend down, anyone using one of these prosthetics would be able to unclip the leg’s outer casing and replace it, changing the colour, pattern, or potentially even the material.

The student states that “people might like to have graphics on their limb for a night out, or have a skin tone cover for a more formal occasion.

“Others might like to wear a colour which matches their clothes, while some may want one with a leather finish.”

These prosthetics would be a good way of expressing individuality and could even help build up someone’s confidence following amputation.

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