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Man had pencil in his head

07th June 2013

Accidents which result in brain injuries being suffered often include road traffic accidents such as hit and runs, work accidents, and birth injury incidents.

However, some incidents are very uncommon, and are also highly unlikely to result in a compensation claim being made by the injured individual due to the nature of the case.

In May 2013 the Telegraph news website reported that in Aachen University Hospital, Germany, in 2011, a man came in suffering from headaches, the continuous symptoms of a cold, and deteriorating vision in one of his eyes.

After an examination, in which he underwent a scan, doctors found that their patient had a four-inch pencil wedged inside his head, from his sinus to his pharynx (part of the throat).

The strange injury, which the man believed might have been caused during a child-hood fall, had injured his right eye socket and resulted in his uncomfortable and worrying symptoms.

Luckily for the man, the pencil had not caused him a brain injury, and he has since fully recovered from the surgery undertaken to remove the item.

The case was discussed at a medical conference for the first time last week.

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