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Unregulated Will writing is ‘madness’ says solicitor

10th June 2013

On May 15, the Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, announced his rejection of recommendations made by the Legal Services Board (LSB) that Will writing should be made a reserved activity in order to protect the public from bad service which can lead to exploitation and serious risk for testators and their beneficiaries.

In a statement Mr Grayling said that the report submitted by the LSB “did not adequately demonstrate that reservation is the best solution, or that alternative measures have been sufficiently exhausted in seeking to address this detriment.”

One solicitor for Wills has gone on record in the Fenland Citizen to say that the decision is “madness” and that Mr Grayling should be fighting for consumers to have properly drawn-up Wills rather than having badly drawn documents which are “worse than having no Will at all”.

The Law Society will launch its Will-writing Quality Scheme (WQS) in July with the aim to set minimum standards of practise for firms advising on Will writing, estate planning and estate administration.

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