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Scaffolder suffered fatal fall on Swansea site

20th June 2013

The fatal accident took place in January 2008 at a Swansea building site.

Contracted to work as a scaffolder on an apartment development, the 40-year-old man had been dismantling a scaffold ladder access platform on the fourth floor of the building, before a roof and staircase were built on that level.

While carrying out this task, he fell a distance of approximately 19 metres to the ground, sustaining multiple personal injuries such as a fractured skull.

Despite being taken to hospital for medical treatment, he died two days after the incident.

A HSE investigation revealed that the firm had unsuitable health and safety measures in place, and staff received poor instructions and information from managers. Furthermore, the management team were also inadequately trained.

The director of the firm was aware of the health and safety risks within his company, but failed to put suitable procedures in place to reduce the possibility of serious or fatal injuries being sustained by workers.

The director was fined £20,000 and paid court costs of £5,000. His company was fined £130,000 and paid court costs of £52,000

It has not been reported whether or not the deceased worker’s family contacted a fatal injury solicitor to make a claim for the loss of their loved one.

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