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DIY divorce can be risky and unalterable, solicitors warn

08th July 2013

Since April 2013, only cases where domestic violence has been indicated are eligible to receive Legal Services Commission funding for divorce, and solicitors have warned that many separating couples may suffer in the long term if they do not receive adequate advice when deciding matters such as finances and arrangements for children on divorce.

Although it is recognised that costs and fees in divorce cases can sometimes escalate exponentially and become out of proportion to the assets being divided in a financial settlement, family lawyers fear that, in some cases, vulnerable parties will be disadvantaged as a result of DIY divorces, which cannot be revoked or altered once agreed by the courts.

Although courts will always reasonably ensure that a divorce settlement is fair, divorce solicitors are concerned that, over time, parties who do not receive expert legal advice will find that they did not get the best deal in a settlement and, by then, it could be too late to vary any court order.

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