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Spinal injury sufferer becomes gym instructor

12th July 2013

The man, from Cobham, Surrey, used to work in the city but left his job after suffering his injuries to pursue a different career.

Having always been an avid gym-goer, he continued to improve his fitness levels despite being wheelchair reliant, and went on to compete professionally in wheelchair tennis. He hopes to become a coach in the sport.

As well as this, he has become a gym instructor through Aspire, a spinal injury charity which helps people who have been paralysed by back injuries.

Not only can he help other disabled gym users achieve their best while excising, he is also qualified to train able-bodied gym users.

He states that he took the course because he wanted to inspire others who had sustained debilitating injuries. Furthermore, he felt that not enough help was being given to disabled people by some instructors.

“When I was first injured, I went to a local gym and felt the instructors either weren’t skilled or didn’t have time to go through a fitness programme with me – they just told me to use a hand bike.

“…I’ve learned about a variety of different things on offer for disabled gym users.”

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