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Inheritance claim a possibility in Robin Gibb Will dispute

31st July 2013

As reported in various newspapers, Gibb’s daughter, by housekeeper and companion Claire Yang, did not have specific provision made for her in the Will, while his second wife and his three other children all benefitted from an estate valued at almost £26million after tax.

The Will reportedly runs to 15 pages and includes details of a trust fund set up to benefit Mrs Gibb. Her son and two children from Gibb’s previous marriage are all to receive funds immediately. It is believed to have been drawn up in 2011, nine months before Gibb’s death from colon and liver cancer.

Some reports suggest that gifts of money and property were given to Ms Yang and her daughter before the musician’s death in May 2012, but the Will merely states in its final paragraph that Gibb was “in the process of making reasonable financial provision for Snow”. It asked that trustees should provide for Snow in the event that no clause had been included before his death.

With this case in mind, Wills and probate lawyers are once again urging people to ensure that Will documents are drafted fully and properly before death. While some people may wish to leave a child or partner out of a Will for certain reasons, lawyers suggest that this is unwise as inheritance claims and disputes could be extremely traumatic and costly, and have the potential to eat into any legacy, so as to negate the benefit.

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