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Neighbour disputes in the press

01st August 2013

The Daily Mail, and various other publications, last week dedicated a large number of column inches to Ms Willoughby’s troubles with neighbours, which have gone on to produce some very pointed objections to the couple’s ongoing building project at their south-west London home.

Although the initial anonymous complaint was regarding an alleged drunken disturbance, an email sent to neighbours by Mr Baldwin in response sparked a backlash from other neighbours who felt “shocked” enough by the missive to speak out about the disruptions caused by “enormous trucks blocking the pavement six days a week”.

Meanwhile, in Guernsey the BBC reported in a minimal 76 words that police had attended a neighbour dispute after residents called to say a long-barrelled fire-arm was being wielded by a 62-year-old man.

The fracas surrounding the boundary dispute was apparently quickly resolved and the man was arrested for breach of the peace. The weapon was later found to be a BB gun.

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