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Health and safety manager suffered burns in work accident

02nd August 2013

A 62-year-old health and safety manager at the company had been supervising the cleaning of an oil storage tank when the incident took place.

To see how the cleaning was progressing, the man states that he climbed around the guard rails which were positioned at the top of the unit. As he did this, he accidentally knocked a pressure gauge pipe, making it come loose and release hot oil.

The manager was hit by oil of more than 160 degrees Celsius in temperature, which resulted in him suffering 10% burns to his shoulder, upper arms, neck, and back.

He required more than a month off to recover from his work injuries, and later left the company.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that the firm had failed to carry out a suitable risk assessment prior to the cleaning work, having decided to write the assessment after the operation had been completed.

A HSE inspector involved in this case stated, “The whole point of a risk assessment is to ensure the risks associated with a particular task are considered and measures put in place to mitigate against them in order to keep workers safe.

“To carry out the work first and then write the assessment afterwards is foolhardy to say the least.”

The company was fined £16,500 and ordered to pay court costs of £571. Now that his former employers have been found liable for the accident at work, the injured party may decide to contact a personal injury solicitor to make a compensation claim.

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