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New sporting accident injury research

15th August 2013

Furthermore, the researchers state that this works out to 1.35 million sporting accident injuries a day, with 163,000 of these incidents resulting in attendance at accident and emergency wards for one of the most common and most alarming of all injury types: head and brain injury.

Another worrying aspect of the study’s findings is the statistic that nearly fifty percent of these head and brain injuries are sustained by people between the ages of twelve and fifteen – an age group that other studies have shown recover more slowly from concussion-type injuries.

“With the absence of our ability to prevent most concussions from actually occurring, our next and present best line of defence is the prompt recognition and response to concussions in order to minimize severity and prolonged impairment,” said Alex Diamond, an assistant professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Paediatrics.

“This is where we really see the value of education as we rely heavily on those in the community trenches, such as parents and coaches, to have a high index of suspicion and sit their athlete out if there is any concern for a concussion.”

Any parent looking to recover compensation for a sporting accident head injury suffered by their child should talk to a personal injury solicitor about the realistic prospect and implications of such a claim.

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