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Man undertakes the IronSpine Challenge

19th August 2013

One man who aims to overcome his disability, after having been rendered paraplegic in December 2008, is Paul Stewart.

His spinal injury occurred while he was snowboarding in the French Alps when an avalanche swept him over the side of a mountain. After suffering a 200ft drop, he was told by medical professionals that he would never walk again.

Now, following treatment at Stoke Mandeville hospital, the 32-year-old has managed to regain movement in his upper legs and can walk with the aid of walking sticks despite still not having regained sensation below his waist.

To help others who have sustained back injuries and “make a difference”, Mr Stewart has been undertaking the IronSpine Challenge to raise money for two charities, Spinal Research and Wings for Life.

The challenge, which began on the 6th August, will conclude this Wednesday with his return to the UK. If successful, he will arrive home having completed a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, 26.2 mile walk, and a cliff-face climb. The final challenge will be performed in the mountains where he suffered his injury.

Paul hopes to raise £400,000 in total. So far he has raised £335,003.07. The team at George Ide wish him luck in the final stretch and a safe return home in a few day’s time.

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