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Postman’s will finally goes to rightful beneficiaries, albeit 30 years late

04th September 2013

However, due to a bizarre set of bureaucratic events, the bequest did not reach its intended beneficiaries at Auchernack care home and the sum matured for 30 years.

Now, after a lengthy period of legal wrangling, involving wills solicitors and council chiefs, a trust has been set up so that the inheritance can finally be dispersed. And, due to a significant period of good interest rates and stock price increases, it has built up to the tune of approximately £637,000.

Mr Cameron is reported to have earned only meagre wages whilst working as a postman in Moray in the Highlands and, as he is said to have led a lifestyle of not drinking or smoking and he did not have children, it is believed his wealth may have come from his family’s inheritance.

Auchernack closed down 12 years ago and the money will now benefit Cameron Court, which helped to replace the former Forres care home.

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