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Delayed treatment led to man’s death

06th September 2013

The man, who was a chef, collapsed at home after suffering a brain haemorrhage in April 2011 and was taken to the Royal London Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

However, despite a consultant neurosurgeon asking for doctors to alter their schedules during the weekend to help the man, none of the professionals required for the necessary operation – a brain surgeon, radiologist, and anaesthetist – were made available.

This led to a four-day delay in treatment which caused the patient to become paralysed on one side of his body and develop a fatal blood clot in his brain.

The doctors being called upon were working overtime at the hospital on urgent and semi-urgent cases. Instead of treating the man’s haemorrhage that weekend, they treated conditions which included a tooth extraction and a broken ankle.

“They put dental extractions before our son. That is absolutely disgusting. How can you take somebody’s tooth out in preference to saving somebody’s life?” his mother stated.

The man died in May two weeks’ after his collapse. If his family choose to make a compensation claim for the medical negligence their loved one suffered, they might wish to contact sympathetic and approachable experts such as the solicitors at George Ide.

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