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Man might be entitled to compensation

20th September 2013

 After only receiving £1,000 sick pay following a trip accident in December last year, the man feels that his employers do not care about the fact that he has been injured.

“I just feel like I am on the scrapheap now,” he states, “The attitude I’ve received since December 2012 from [my employers] is nothing more than appalling.”

His accident took place when he tripped over some exposed wires, which had been trailing from a fire panel near the entrance to his work.

The incident caused him to break his left elbow as well as ribs on his right side, and has lead to him requiring more than 14 trips to hospital, including one last week to treat compressed nerves in his left hand.

He has been deemed unfit for work and has had to rely on family and friends to help him travel around, since he cannot currently drive due to his injuries.

The man’s employers disagree with his statement that the company has ignored him, stating, “Two home visits were conducted in the first two weeks following the incident, and regular weekly contact has been made since.”

Nevertheless, as the worker’s solicitors have said, he is likely to be eligible for compensation, rather than just sick pay.

Anyone who has been injured at work due to another person’s negligence should contact expert solicitors, such as George Ide, to see whether they can make an accident at work claim.

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