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Number of hip replacement op deaths decline

04th October 2013

The Lancet, the world’s leading general medical journal, revealed that between 2003 and 2011, the number of fatalities following this type of procedure reduced by 50% in England and Wales.

After analysing data from 400,000 patients, it was discovered that mortality rates within 90 days of the operation reduced from 0.56% to 0.29%.

Information from the National Joint Registry found that during the same eight-year time-frame used by The Lancet, 1,743 people died in the 90 days after their hip replacement surgery. Some of these fatalities might have been due to medical negligence.

Showing the reduction in the number of deaths, it reported that in 2004, 24,723 people underwent hip replacement operations, and 139 died within 90 days of surgery. In comparison, in 2011, 60,727 individuals had this operation, and only 164 of those died in the following 90 days.

Reasons for the improved survival rate are thought to include the use of spinal anaesthetic during surgery, as well as treatments to avoid blood clots forming. Furthermore, people are generally healthier than past generations, and better post-operative care such as improvements in physiotherapy as well as advice from hospital staff, has also helped reduce the number of deaths.

Anyone who loses a family member as a result of clinical negligence during a hip replacement operation, or poor after-care, might be able to claim compensation through professional personal injury solicitors such as George Ide.

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