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Man receives replacement prosthetic nose

11th October 2013

However, he was shocked to notice, after coming home from a trip to the dentist in September, that the prosthetic had fallen off. He believed that this had probably occurred due to the magnets, with which it was held on to his face, getting dirty and losing their strength.

The loss of his nose led him to launch a plea for its return. Unfortunately it was not brought back to him, but this turn of events has been unexpectedly beneficial for the man.

Salisbury District Hospital has now provided him with a new silicone nose, which he states is “even better than the last one”.

“It’s a great fit and matches my skin colour better.” he explains. Furthermore, after having been allowed to watch the new nose being made, he has been impressed by the process. “At one point there were about 50 pots of paint on the table while they mixed and tried to get the colour right – a bit of this and a bit of that.”

This man needed his nose amputated for reasons which could not be blamed on anyone, but those who require an amputation after sustaining injuries in a non-fault accident for which another individual, group, or company can be found liable, could claim compensation for the life-changing harm they have suffered.

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