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Tasmanian farm accident compensation received

25th October 2013

At the time of the accident, the woman had been working on a farm on King Island, Tasmania.

She had been using a quad bike to herd cattle when the vehicle overturned, causing her extensive harm including “catastrophic neurological injury”.

Professionals determined that she had sustained 70% “whole of person impairment” (WPI). At a recent Tasmanian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal, a doctor stated, “Neurologically, unfortunately she remains at best at a low-level minimally conscious state but most of the time she only shows reflex responses compatible with a vegetative state.

“Sadly, the prognosis for further significant neurological recovery is extremely poor.”

Reportedly, the woman, who was 21 at the time of the farm accident, had little experience in riding a quad bike and was not provided with a helmet.

The farm’s owners were ordered to pay 289,193 Australian Dollars (roughly £279,736), within seven days, to the woman’s mother. This was the maximum sum allowable.

A Guide to Workers Compensation in Tasmania states the maximum lump sum payment available for people who have suffered 70% WPI or more, is 369 units. One unit is “defined as the basic salary as declared annually by the Minister and published in the Tasmanian Government Gazette“.

Anyone who suffers non-fault injuries in a farm accident should contact personal injury solicitors to see whether they are entitled to compensation.

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